Not in love with your new purchase? We understand. Let’s figure out how to get you something that’ll make your heart sing.

If you’d like to return your order, you can do so within 365 days of purchase. Just click the button below, fill out your details and let us know why you'd like to make the return. Then we'll be able to work on organizing a solution, which may involve a free replacement order or a refund.

After you've completed our Return Form, we'll send you a confirmation email and help you sort out the best solution.

Submit a Return request

What happens next?

Replacement Orders

We’ll email you a new order number. When it's heading out the door we'll send you a shipping email and let you know when to expect it. 


Refunds via the payment method you used when placed the order

The refund will return to the account used to make the purchase. This will appear as credit in your account which you can use to make a new purchase, or request to withdraw to your bank account.

Refunds via Credit Card

When a refund is organised for a credit card, it will return to the same card used to purchase.

How long will the refund take?

The amount of time it takes for a refund to return depends solely on the bank or card issuer. Some banks/card issuers finalise refunds within a couple of business days, while others may wait until the end of the statement month to display and process refunds. If the refund seems to be taking more than one week, you can also contact your bank or card issuer to ask about their usual timeframes.

What if that account and/or card has been cancelled?

You will need to contact your bank to alert them that you were expecting a refund to this account or card and make alternative arrangements with them.

Can the refund be sent to a different card or account?

As the refund is a reversal of your payment, we can only send it back the same way it was received. Reversing a payment in this way is the fastest and most secure way to get the refund on its way back to you.